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More Hair Mineral Analysis Facts:
  • Shows metabolic trends associated with health conditions
  • Certain indicators on a hair tissue mineral analysis often reflect the overall condition of the immune system
  • Exposes trends for liver and kidney stress (impaired toxic metal elimination)
  • Determines your oxidation rate. This information is important when assessing how well you handle stress, physiologically.
  • Description/explanation of your electrolyte (macromineral) patterns. For example, if you have an elevated sodium/potassium ratio there may be a tendency toward inflammation and increased adrenal activity.
  • HMA constructs a picture of one’s body chemistry, a metabolic picture, or blueprint if you will, of the way your body is functioning and responding to stress.

Partial HMA sample (below) includes letter to practitioner, mineral levels (graph) and interpretations, recommended supplements and justifications, and educational materials. Other important information (not shown) regarding James M.’s test results are:

  • food lists and personalized diet program assembled from his test results
  • lifestyle recommendations
  • detailed explanations of energy and the glands
  • metabolic and nervous system patterns
  • organ and systems patterns, particularly his impaired immune system activity, liver and kidney stress, and inflammation.
  • metabolic trends (the function of major glands and organs can be assessed, often long before abnormalities appear on x-rays and blood tests)
Full HMA is 22+ pages
Determines Oxidation Type

In addition to assessing nutritional status (see Hair Mineral Analysis and ARTICLE: Why use hair analysis to design nutritional programs), the analysis will provide your oxidation rate and the ability to correct your oxidation rate using diet and supplementary nutrients.

Oxidation rates are the ‘metabolic types’ that are the basis for Nutritional Balancing dietary and lifestyle recommendations. Nutritional Balancing is designed to balance the oxidation rate and major mineral ratios on a hair test to allow healing to occur in the body.

There are two major metabolic types: fast oxidizers and slow oxidizers. A fast oxidizers’ blood is slightly more acidic than slow oxidizer, and there are differences in CO2 levels as well. Knowing these values help determine which foods are most needed, and which nutrients would be most helpful to restore balance.

Because of its mathematical nature, HMA offers a way to determine supplement dosage and proportions of food with great accuracy. This simple treatment (diet and supplements) often causes dramatic improvements in physical and emotional symptoms.


PROFILE 1: Laboratory Mineral Test Only. This is the basic assay that shows your mineral levels and ratios. You are provided with a chart that graphically describes the results of your test. With this profile you do your own interpretation. (I recommend Dr. Lawrence Wilson’s book Nutritional Balancing if you choose this option. If you are interested in this healing modality you can learn much about interpretation of hair analyses from this book.) $78 USD

PROFILE 2: Laboratory Test and Supplement Recommendations. This is the same as profile 1 with the addition of vitamin and mineral supplement recommendations and dosages according to the results of your hair test. $90 USD

PROFILE 3: Complete Interpretation. This includes the entire mineral assay test provided in Profile 1, plus a thorough interpretative work-up that lists trends. Provides a detailed explanation of the results along with vitamin and mineral supplement recommendations explanations. Compares, in detail, significant mineral ratios associated with depletion of energy due to conditions, such as adrenal insufficiency (see Energy Note HERE). Also included is a list of foods to be included in your diet and what foods should be avoided. The personal diet plan section is derived from the information provided by the Mineral Test Report and is based upon your mineral levels, mineral ratios, oxidation type and probable allergic responses. $249 USD

30 minute Face-to-Face Consultation (on ZOOM platform) that includes a general health assessment (document) obtained from your completed questionnaire, at least 1 major lifestyle recommendation and suggested supplementation. $125 USD

1 hour Face-to-Fact Consultation (on ZOOM platform) that includes a health assessment discussion and document obtained from your questionnaire, several lifestyle recommendations if applicable, suggested supplementation and a personalized diet plan that I will supply after our meeting (after a deeper discussion with you). $250 USD

When considering your purchase, please note that nutrition plays an integral role in the healing process, in the prevention of illness, and in healing for optimal functioning of the body. In order to focus on the nutritional aspects of holistic health, various nutrition assessment components are employed to plan an effective protocol. It is very important you are ready for this commitment – a journey to health and a bright future!

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