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Val Robitaille Nutritionist



* Over 300 herbs & spices
* Unique Tea & Kitchen Accessories
* Juice/Smoothie Bar, Healthy Hot Soup,
Exotic Salads & Healthy Snacks
* 2nd floor Health Services: Nutrition Consults,
Massage Therapy, Reiki


Shortly after I sold my business I discovered
the joy of traveling, and the Findhorn
Foundation in Scotland. The dream of
community gardening back home drove
me to get my PhD in Community Health.


Valerie Robitaille,  PhD

My own health journey begins and ends with herbs.

Back in High School someone gave me a book called “Back To Eden” by Jethro Kloss. The book was quite popular in the 1970s, and certainly made an everlasting impression on me. There are some worthy herbals on the shelf today but I would venture a bet they all read Back To Eden!  It is the prima facie of botanical medicine.

I’ve not written my own herbal…yet, but it’s not far out in my future. I definitely needed these years to hone my intuitive skills and implement the gift of the knowledge the plant kingdom has to offer, its crowning glory, healing for humans.

Over the years my herbal efforts have changed. At the same time I was studying for my Master’s in Human Nutrition, I owned and operated a unique health center in upstate New York. I sold over 300 herbs & spices, mostly medicinal, and I prepared botanical remedies for my customers/clients.

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Community Center Morocco

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Fix The World S.A.R.L.

Sponsor of the Morocco Community Center for marginalized women & children.
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Drissia – Master Chef


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