Professor Denis Rancourt appears on the Jerm Warfare podcast to discuss his latest paper reviewing all-cause mortality around the world, and how it doesn’t show there was ever a “pandemic” at all.

All-cause mortality is the most accurate and most reliable scientific data for analyzing the “Covid pandemic” because it doesn’t discriminate and it has no bias. After all, a death is a death.

Denis Rancourt previously co-authored a huge paper, in which they concluded that all-cause mortality data show no viral outbreak in 2020. He has co-authored yet another paper, COVID-Period Mass Vaccination Campaign and Public Health Disaster in the USA, which can be downloaded below.

For a detailed breakdown of the study, I recommend watching the presentation conducted by Denis and his co-authors (Marine Baudin and Jérémie Mercier). Their research includes “vaccination” data.

Basically, COVID-19 isn’t real.


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