In this short video, George Wiseman answers and explains frequently asked questions about the AquaCure Hydrogen Generator:

What is Brown’s Gas?
What is Electrically Expanded (plasma) Water, or ExW?
What are the Health Applications for Brown’s Gas (formally only used in energy industry)?
Why is Brown’s Gas so important for people who are ill?
What is the difference between the AquaCure and other electrolyzers (hints: no membrane, ExW)?
Why is George so passionate about the AquaCure hydrogen generator?


Why we should all be drinking hydrogen water

Watch Full Interview Video George Wiseman – Brown’s Gas Hydrogen Generator LIVE CALL Oct. 6, 2019 

Possibilities for Brown’s Gas Hydrogen

Brown’s Gas – Molecular Hydrogen Therapy For Chronic Pain 

Brown’s Gas HHO Hydrogen Generator Nikola Tesla ExtraOrdinary Technology Conference 

See specs purchase AquaCure Brown’s Gas/HHO Generator: Hydrogen Water and Inhalation FAQs


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