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Ingredients: Aqua, magnesium chloride, isopropyl palmitate (palm oil-based emollient, moisturizer, thickening agent), cetearyl olivate (natural PEG-free emulsifier made from olive oil), sorbitan olicate (natural PEG-free emulsifier made from olive oil and is the alcohol from sucrose), glycerine, emulsfiying wax (from plant fats), cetyl alcohol, hydroxy starch phosphate (plant-based starch), butyrospermum parkii (shea butter), benzyl alcohol, benzoic acid, sorbic acid

Natural Calm is the best-selling magnesium supplement in the natural market and has been for over ten years.

Magnesium and calcium are fundamental nutrients that need to be in balance with each other in order for you to fully experience good health. Their importance on a cellular level is critical. Calcium and magnesium are like opposite sides of a coin. Calcium excites nerves, while magnesium calms them down. Calcium makes muscles contract. Magnesium is necessary for muscles to relax.

Natural Calm Cream is a non-oily, transdermal magnesium cream formulated by leading magnesium researcher Andrea Rosanoff, PhD. Laboratory-tested Natural Calm Cream can be applied to any area that is tense, stiff, inflamed or in pain and used in lieu of magnesium oil. Perfect for sore muscles, leg cramps and post-workout recovery. Initially distributed to professionals only, this same formula is now available online and in better natural products retailer stores.

Balancing Calcium & Magnesium
You experience the tensing (calcium) and relaxing (magnesium) interaction of these two elements each time your heart beats, when you feel your pulse, and every time you breathe. When we are under stress, our cells—which in their resting state contain magnesium—go through a change. Calcium, normally outside the cells, enters the cells and the calcium level rises. This is the action state in which a muscle cell, for example, will contract and tense the muscle. Magnesium then pushes the calcium out of the cell and the cell is again in its resting, relaxed state. Think of it as an on-off switch. The “off ” is magnesium and the “on” is calcium. But what happens to a cell that is not in balance— where the magnesium level in the body is deficient? In simple terms, the “off ” switch doesn’t fully turn off. That means calcium can continually leak into the cells and stimulate cell activity (the “on” switch), resulting in stress.


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