Dr. McCullough Arizona Senate Testimony: COVID-19 Vaccines Not Safe for Human Use

Dr. McCullough’s Oct 20, 2023 offers practical suggestions applicable to all states:
1. Hold a meeting and compare hospital ventilator and mortality statistics for COVID-19 hospitalizations. What were the best centers and why?
2. For any new EUA vaccine, convene an independent state data safety and monitoring committee with authority to halt statewide vaccination for serious safety concerns.
3. Remove all current and future COVID-19 vaccines from statewide use
4. Do an inventory of biolabs in the state and inquire on gain-of-function research programs that are allowed if not federally funded. Demand safety and procedural accountability. Otherwise, ban such programs.

“House of Medicine on Fire” Dr. Peter McCullough AAPS Keynote Address

Major academic medical centers failed with useless pandemic counter-measures including masks, lockdowns, and vaccines. They never worked to develop innovative protocols to help patients avoid hospitalization. Now emerging from the debacle, they are creating a gender crisis with clinical programs that increase the burden of psychiatric disease and mortality in our youth. Dr. McCullough explains what happened at AAPS Annual Meeting Oct 27, 2023.

Vitamins Protocols click here Dr. Peter McCullough Testifies at AAPS and AZ Senate: "House of Medicine on Fire" and "CV19 Vaccines Not Safe for Human Use"
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