0Edanimalfarm Episode 27 - Discussion with Veteran American Refugee Maverick Artist Victor Hugo in the Republic of Georgia (Former Soviet Union)


Episode 27: Veteran American Refugee Maverick Artist Victor Hugo Republic of Georgia (Former Soviet Union)

GALLERY: Victor Hugo Vaca Collection

“My  birth  name  is  Victor-Hugo Vaca Jr.  On  stage,  when  I  am  performing  with  the  Modern Art Music  Movement,  I  am known as The Maverick Artist Victor-Hugo.  When I  am  manifesting creations  in  the  multi-universe  as  a  modern-art-gonzo-journalist,  my job is not to be  politically correct,  it  is  to  witness,  observe,  analyze  and  document  so  as  to  colorfully  communicate  the  wisdom  of  ages,  for  seven  generations  forward.  The  point  of  my  artwork,  my  Diary-Of-The-World-On-Canvas,  is  really,  to  make  everyone  think  outside  the  box. I’m known as the ‘Nostradamus of the Art World’ because my paintings foreshadow events but It’s not that I can see the future, it’s that, as an artist, I’ve met the people who forge our future, the puppet masters pulling the strings behind the scenes, living in the shadows, sharing incredible stories they want me to preserve as works of art, to assuage their egos and confirm their existence on earth. Art is the last bastion of free speech in America.”
– Maverick Artist Victor-Hugo Vaca II

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