The right balance of certain minerals in your body will generate maximum energy, and the better your energy levels are the more you will enjoy your life. Just like the minerals needed in a battery must be in balance to carry a charge, the same is true in the human body.

How the thyroid and adrenals produce energy 

The main energy generating glands in the body are the adrenals (2 of them, each located on top of each kidney) and the thyroid (located in the throat area). These 2 structures work together to supply the body with more than 98% of its energy. The adrenals release sugars (fuel) which are sent to the thyroid. The thyroid ‘ignites’ these sugars, turning them into energy to provide the body with power. In an emergency situation, the adrenals will provide the body with ‘turbo-style’ energy by producing adrenaline.

Looking at individual minerals can give good information about certain conditions however, to establish the causes and treatment of insufficient energy we need to look atNormal-mineral-levels.png mineral ratios. Minerals work together, e.g., calcium and potassium regulate the thyroid gland (calcium slows it down and potassium speeds it up). If there is too much calcium (in relation to potassium) in the tissues the thyroid will become underactive. Too much potassium (in relation to calcium) and the thyroid gland becomes overactive. Once you know the proper ratio of calcium to potassium in the body, you can know whether your thyroid is too fast or too slow, and even how fast or slow it is!

The real secret to understanding human health is to understand the ratios between individual minerals. 

Dr. Paul Eck