Dr. Andrew Kaufmann explains why he doesn’t see covid-19 as a virus but rather, sees it as a reaction in the body to a poison or other foreign stimulus that has entered the system. He shows interesting photographs taken with an electron microscope, and highlights for us the similarities in exosomes and covid-19. Describes in detail what exosomes are; free radicals from oxidative stress. This is one of the body’s ways of eliminating as much toxic material as it can handle. When this aspect of our immune system is overloaded with toxins is when we see disease, e.g., cancer.
I’m still researching the aspect of covid-19 that attacks hemoglobin/ferritin, and is responsible for the sudden difficulty in breathing and seizures we have seen in patients.

August 10 Update: Obviously the video with all the good information has been banned. Sign up below for breaking news before it gets censored!


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