Vaccine Expert Christian Perrone, Commission on Infectious Diseases of the High Council of Public Health, has advised government on the management of health emergencies and epidemics for 15 years. Was also in the expert group on vaccination as Vice President of the WHO for the entire Euro region. Explains the severe conflict of interest between the politicians who are making unscientific decisions, and gives statistics of the devastating consequences of using these so-called “vaccines.”

Dr. Peterson Pierre of America’s Frontline Doctors explains the bonus payments to hospitals for covid diagnosis, specific treatments and interventions. This includes using drugs like remdesivir, known to cause great injury, and ventilation/dying with a covid diagnosis (regardless if this is not the cause of death). Total could be as much as $100,000. Also tells us how patients’ rights are being waived, which explains why people cannot see loved ones in the hospital during this “plandemic.”

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