flouride poisoning Fluoride: Poison on Tap (Watch free here May 13-22)Fluroide: Poison on Tap

Watch this groundbreaking film and gain a deeper understanding of the fluoride controversy.

The issue of toxic fluoride in the water supply is one that effects close to all of us, unless we’re drinking out of a safe spring.

Fluoride: Poison on Tap collects the top experts on fluoridation and its health considerations, and picks their brains on the points that matter most to our health.

Get ready for an education on:

  • Types of fluoride
  • Sources of fluoride
  • Toxicology and epidemiology on fluoride
  • Protecting your household
  • Exercising the rights to life and liberty without public poisoning of the tap?

With Dr. David Kennedy, Mike Adams, Dr. Paul Connett, Dr. James E. Rota, Dr. Charlie Goetschel, Karen Johnson, Neil Carman, and Dr. Laura Pressley.


Streaming Free May 13th through May 22nd 12 PM EST
Running Time: 99 minutes

Where to Purchase

You can purchase your copy at BrighteonUniversity.com

DVD: https://brighteonuniversity.com/products/fluoride-poison-on-tap

Digital Copy: https://brighteonuniversity.com/products/fluoride-poison-on-tap-digital

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