Robert Crayhon: 1961-2010


Excerpt from Jonny Bowden: “A concert pianist, stand-up comedian, and ultimately, one of the smartest and most erudite nutritionists in the country, Robert taught hundreds of doctors, chiropractors, nutritionists and health professionals. He did it with wit, with a frighteningly sharp intelligence, with style and with passion. I cannot remember writing a book or an article- and I’ve written hundreds- without a little voice in my head reading over the final draft asking, “What would Robert think?”  [Source http://www.jonnybowden.com/robert-crayhon/]

And that was true for me too. It was a very rough time, to say the least, when I heard of Robert Crayhon’s death. He was one of my greatest teachers and I’m very grateful to have known this master of Nutrition. Below are some of his suggested diets for specific conditions that I’m happy to share because they have helped so many people (thank you forever Robert). Supplementation is omitted.

Food plan for ADHDFood plan for arthritisFood plan for blood pressureFood plan for bone health
Food plan for depressionDetox-labelDiabetes-labelFatigue-label


Robert Crayhon Meal Plans
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