The federal government just cannot stay out of the business of American citizens. Their constant need to overstep their boundaries and enforce ridiculous regulations has made it extremely difficult to make a living as a business owner in the United States. That sadly hasn’t prevented them from continuing this trend, which is worrisome to everyone who cares about liberty in our nation.

One of the most frustrating aspects of this that very few seem to acknowledge as being a huge problem is government licensing. Forcing business owners to take tests, undergo training and pay the government annually prevents them from being able to reach their full potential and engage in the free market the way it was intended.

Justin Gardner of The Free Thought Project reports, “The notion of being licensed may sound nice to people looking for a service, and the basic idea of demonstrating knowledge about a trade is good. But mandatory government licensing can be described simply as extortion rackets with no real purpose in making things safer or better. Even in a profession that can be dangerous to others … the constant money shakedown from government has no bearing on the safety of such professions.”

This behavior costs Americans billions of dollars every year. The initial costs are staggering on their own, but where government licensing really costs our country is through the fact that it prevents countless jobs from being created every year. Because businesses are forced to pay for all of this nonsense, they cannot afford to hire employees that they otherwise would be able to employ. It is frustrating to no end, but there unfortunately doesn’t seem to be an end in sight.

Hopefully, President-elect Donald Trump will acknowledge all of these issues and change the regulations that the federal government currently demands. He ran on a platform of helping the working class in our country, and few things would help them as much as the powers that be backing off and letting them run their lives and their businesses without government interference. Should he keep his promises and support the people that help make our country great, then Trump will be on the right path to change the system that he claims to hate as much as the rest of us.

Until that day comes, all we can do is hope and pray that the government loosens its grip on all of our throats.


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