Videos: La Quinta Columna Scientists discuss the coming 5G frequencies, the effects of graphene on myocytes (heart cells), and the possibility that an EMP kills a man (shows an obvious glitch at the same time the man keels over).

January 5, 2022
Following the line of research linking the 26 GHz band of the 5G spectrum to graphene has, La Quinta Columna has found new evidence of microtechnology and nanotechnology being inoculated. 

January 6, 2022
When excited by external electromagnetic fields, such as waves emitted by 5G antennas, graphene oxide causes changes in heart rate. As La Quinta Columna has been explaining for quite some time now, this would be one of the reasons that cases of arrhythmias, heart attacks, and strokes have increased.
“It polarizes them faster. And it happens at the moment graphene is excited, not before.”

January 7, 2022
La Quinta Columna commented on a video in which an electromagnetic pulse appears to cause the death of a man. The video shows a glitch that occurs at the precise moment when the man falls straight to the ground.

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