If you are like millions of others suffering from unexplained or misdiagnosed health issues, you may be heavy metal toxic

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phases of heavy metal detox

Prime The Detox Organs

When you signup you’ll receive the download link for your 8-page comprehensive Holistic Health Assessment Questionnaire. Please give this step quality time and effort so we both have a clear starting point.

Your HTMA Test Kit will be sent to you via USPS within 24 hours. (If you are outside of the Continental U.S. there is a shipping charge of $50: $45 for your supplement shipment, and $5 for HTMA postage.)

Private Consultations

Week 1 (1-1/2 hrs)

Overview of Health Assessment Questionnaire

Have you sent in your HTMA sample?

Diet & Environment

Week 2 (1/2 hr)

Basic Supplement Schedule

Are bowels moving? Make adjustments

Week 3 (1/2 hr)

Begin 1st detox nutrient dosage titration & protocol

Week 4 (1/2 hr)

Assess 1st week active detox. Make adjustments

Mobilize & Eliminate

After assessing your response to the 1st detox protocol, we are now able to gauge your level of tolerance for active, heavy metal detox, and titrate accordingly. 

Remember, this is a journey where you set the pace and comfort level. Some days you may choose to be aggressive, other days not so aggressive. I recommend not so aggressive all days but that is your choice compleltely and I will work with your health decisions. 

Private Consultations 

Week 5 (1/2 hr) 

Review Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis 

Adjust protocol and titrate accordingly 

Hand out food planner 

Week 6 (1/2 hr) 

Review submitted food planner 

Begin 2nd (alternate) detox protocol 

Week 7 (1/2 hr) 

Assess 1st week active detox (alternate). Make adjustments 

Week 8 (1/2 hr) 

Adjust protocol and titrate accordingly

Prevent Reintoxication

Private Consultations

Phase 3 private consultations (4) are spread out over 4 months.

Heavy metal detox is a process that takes time. It takes time not only to get the stored toxins moving and out, it takes time for the body to adjust to the new conditions.

Your hair retest should be done 4-5 months after the first one to determine changes and make adjustments to your program.

You will have ups and downs and I am always available by email in between consultations. 


Phase I Begins In The Gut


Pectin is a soluble fiber which binds to water in the intestines and forms a gel to help prevent constipation/remove toxins. 

What is Pecta-Sol-C Modified Citrus Pectin (MCP)?

Pecta-Sol-C is a soluble dietary fiber derived from the peel pith of citrus fruit and formulated to support your detox by means of its low molecular weight and size. This allows easy absorption into the bloodstream.

Balances Galectin-3 Levels

Balancing Galectin-3 levels in the body is critical. Galectin-3 is a protein that is normally found in the body in small amounts. When there is organ or other damage Galectin-3 is released which causes, for example, the heart cells to multiply and produce collagen. This process is begun in order to rebuild the heart’s structure.

If you suspect pesticides or other toxic substances in your food or environment, Pectasol-C will help keep your digestive system clear of problems.

Ease of delivery and tasteless, Pectasol-C helps rid the body of heavy metals and other toxins gently and safely.

PectaSol-C® Powder 

This non-allergenic product is clinically recognized for its ability to support healthy cellular proliferation. 
– Supports cellular health
– Promotes prostate and breast health
– Supports healthy immune function

Replete Minerals

Oceans 3 Better Brain with Omega-Xanthin

A source of electrolytes, Oceans 3 is the only fish oil brand with Omega-Xanthin, a unique synergistic blend of ultra-pure fish oil, rich in EPA and DHA, combined with 2 ocean-based antioxidants: 4mg astaxanthin and 1mg concentrated fucoxanthin. Better Brain is different from other Oceans 3 formulas due to the addition of Phosphatidylserine and

Deep Ocean Minerals

Over 70 essential minerals and trace elements, including calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium, boron, and iodine, that give structure to our organs, tissues, and bones, and help maintain fluid balance, pH balance, and membrane permeability.Bacopa to support healthy brain function.

Ocean water contains a complete spectrum of elements, whereas soil and fresh water do not. Plants in the ocean can select any and all the elements they need to grow as they flow by. 

Nutrients from seawater are far superior to land sources because the oceans hold a perfect balance of the essential elements required for the complex cells that make up our bodies.

Deep ocean water is characterized by its cleanliness and nutrient density. It is a safe, pure, and infinite resource for replenishing the body’s soluble minerals and electrolytes. 

Sleep & The Glymphatic System

The glymphatic system utilizes a unique system of tunnels, formed to promote elimination of proteins and metabolites from the central system. The glymphatic system also performs brain-wide distribution of several compounds, including glucose, fats, and amino acids.

The glymphatic system functions mainly during sleep and is largely disengaged during wakefulness.

Melatonin is responsible for restful sleep and its manufacture is blocked by substances such as glyphosate, heavy metals, etc.

Liposomal Melatonin

The liposomal delivery system sets supplements apart from other methods due to smaller, more stable, single-layer spheres that are small enough to pass between cells and enter the bloodstream directly. 

Chelation & Elimination

Natural Detox Formula (NDF) Plus

BioRay tincture consisting of 5 basic detox nutrients in a : 

1) Milk thistle extract is a powerful liver protective herb and liver toner. Milk thistle contain silimaryn which is a natural antioxidant and scavenger. 

2) Horsetail is a gentle diuretic (your kidneys produce urine in order to remove waste from the body)

3) Medicinal mushrooms for the immune system.

ACZ Nano Zeolite

An oral chelator, zeolite is effective at removing toxic heavy metals, neurotoxins and free radicals.

Push The Liver & Catch The Toxins


PushCatch Liver Detox integrates two unique Quicksilver Scientific products:

Dr. Shade’s Liver Sauce: Certain botanicals have a potent effect on bitter receptors, and phytonutrients can control inflammatory response to support the different phases of liver detoxification and toxin elimination. Dr. Shade’s Liver Sauce contains a blend of four classic drainage botanicals and a synergistic medley of powerful phytonutrients.

UltraBinder: In the body, binders work across the gut to intercept and neutralize an array of toxins. UltraBinder contains a comprehensive, broad-spectrum binder, and because binders can be constipating, we added soothing and fluidizing acacia gum and aloe vera to the blend.

What we’re doing here is turning up the body’s underlying system of detoxification. This protocol pushes toxins through the liver with good, old-fashioned ‘bitters’ catches them with binders, and removes them via the feces. 

This protocol can be used several times per day when actively detoxing, or just once for maintenance. The program should only be attempted under the supervision of a health practitioner familiar with detoxification. 


 Detox Goal 1: Turn up your body’s detox systems.

Detox Goal 2: Reduce electromagnetic impact.

Detox Goal 3: Prevent reintoxication.



The missing puzzle piece when discussing the effects of heavy metal toxicity in the body is high frequency electromagnetic radiation (also known as electromagnetic frequencies/fields, or EMFs). In combination with wireless technology, heavy metal toxicity is a very dangerous mix; when you are metal toxic, the body essentially becomes like an antenna to these lethal frequencies – lethal because these signals can change the body’s DNA over time (other forms of radiation change the DNA more quickly.)

When one considers the numerous ways we take on heavy metals from the environment, unless you are already on a heavy metal detox regimen, chances are you are toxic. 

Geoengineering is a global phenomenon and the aerosols (chemtrails) are known to contain numerous heavy metals. There’s also metals in the water and food. Illnesses are exacerbated by the heavy metals. The most conservative estimates are that the chemtrail phenomenon started globally in the mid-1990s. So, if you are in your mid-20s or older you have accumulated decades worth of trace heavy metals in your tissues. This is an example of slow bio-accumulation from the environment. Heavy metals alone have been linked to Alzheimer’s. Studies of particulates found in atmospheric aerosol spraying has found the following substances; aluminum, barium, strontium, mercury, lead, fluoride, etc. These contaminates lodge in your brain, bones, skin and central nervous system.

You must detox your body of heavy metals! You simply have to do it. It’s the other half of the equation to staying healthy. The detox plan must also be able to remove fungus and other pathogens. You need to start drinking clean water from a trusted local source, either mineralized or distilled. I’ve been drinking distilled water religiously for almost two years now and love it. It’s a good way to flush the heavy metals from your body and reduce the toxic uptake.

A good way to determine your body’s toxicity is to get a ‘hair mineral trace analysis.’ The hair analysis just requires a section of hair be removed from your scalp to be sent to the lab. That section of hair has all the information the laboratory needs to determine 36  metals  that can be present in the body. It’s a convenient and  affordable way to find out what heavy metals are in the body, and what minerals minerals may be deficient.

A high protein mineral fatty-acid diet and drinking lots of fluid is critical in building detoxing agents. Fatty acids must be constantly replenished because  deficiency leaves the nervous system vulnerable to fat-soluble metals. Taking metal-detoxing herbs is also key to restoring natural function. 

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