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If you are like millions of others suffering from unexplained or misdiagnosed health issues, you may be heavy metal toxic

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Make Your health a Priority

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Detox Goal 1: Turn up your body’s detox systems.

Detox Goal 2: Reduce electromagnetic impact.

Detox Goal 3: Prevent reintoxication.



The missing puzzle piece when discussing the effects of heavy metal toxicity in the body is high frequency electromagnetic radiation (also known as electromagnetic frequencies/fields, or EMFs). In combination with wireless technology, heavy metal toxicity is a very dangerous mix; when you are metal toxic, the body essentially becomes like an antenna to these lethal frequencies – lethal because these signals can change the body’s DNA over time (other forms of radiation change the DNA more quickly.)

When one considers the numerous ways we take on heavy metals from the environment, unless you are already on a heavy metal detox regimen, chances are you are toxic. 

Geoengineering is a global phenomenon and the aerosols (chemtrails) are known to contain numerous heavy metals. There’s also metals in the water and food. Illnesses are exacerbated by the heavy metals. The most conservative estimates are that the chemtrail phenomenon started globally in the mid-1990s. So, if you are in your mid-20s or older you have accumulated decades worth of trace heavy metals in your tissues. This is an example of slow bio-accumulation from the environment. Heavy metals alone have been linked to Alzheimer’s. Studies of particulates found in atmospheric aerosol spraying has found the following substances; aluminum, barium, strontium, mercury, lead, fluoride, etc. These contaminates lodge in your brain, bones, skin and central nervous system.

You must detox your body of heavy metals! You simply have to do it. It’s the other half of the equation to staying healthy. The detox plan must also be able to remove fungus and other pathogens. You need to start drinking clean water from a trusted local source, either mineralized or distilled. I’ve been drinking distilled water religiously for almost two years now and love it. It’s a good way to flush the heavy metals from your body and reduce the toxic uptake.

A good way to determine your body’s toxicity is to get a ‘hair mineral trace analysis.’ The hair analysis just requires a section of hair be removed from your scalp to be sent to the lab. That section of hair has all the information the laboratory needs to determine 36  metals  that can be present in the body. It’s a convenient and  affordable way to find out what heavy metals are in the body, and what minerals minerals may be deficient.

A high protein mineral fatty-acid diet and drinking lots of fluid is critical in building detoxing agents. Fatty acids must be constantly replenished because  deficiency leaves the nervous system vulnerable to fat-soluble metals. Taking metal-detoxing herbs is also key to restoring natural function. 


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Graphene nanoparticles cause hypercoagulation (thick blood) which in turn causes blood clotting.
Heavy on antioxidants, the Graphene Oxide Detox (GOD) Protocol assists greatly in restoring your natural glutathione levels to keep toxins out and consequently, blood in balance.

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Heavy metal toxicity has associations with Type 2 Diabetes, Irritable Bowel, Alzheimer’s Disease, developmental delays in children, brain fog and much more.
If you are like millions of others suffering from unexplained or misdiagnosed health issues, you may be heavy metal toxic.

Unda Respiratory Relief 2 Heavy Metal Detox


Broad spectrum antiparasitic herbs designed to revitalizes the mucosal tissues throughout the entire system.
Addresses bacteria, fungi, parasites and biofilms.
Gently assists evacuation.

Lymph HerbalHomeopathic Protocol Health Guide Heavy Metal Detox


The constituents of herbal tinctures and homeopathic remedies are readily recognized by the cells and blood as healing agents.
These natural supplements assist lymphatic drainage pathways used during detox programs and tones organs via increased purification of the blood.

The Warrior Cleanse 768x768 1 Heavy Metal Detox


By Diane Kazer This program is designed to get deep into the colonic walls to break through and detox waste so your body can absorb water and ‘the good stuff’ again. When you detox the bad stuff, you hydrate your body, absorb the good stuff, and your ENTIRE body comes back to life again!

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Women’s foundational multi-vitamin and a combination of other important vitamins, minerals and herbals formulated to support detox of blood, lymph, liver, kidneys and skin. Also supports bones, tendons and cartilage. Comes with 77-page Health Guide by Valerie Robitaille, PhD, Nutritionist/Herbalist 

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