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If you are unfamiliar with Austrian physician and psychiatrist Dr Reich’s fascinating and very extensive work (which includes his book devoted to “The Cancer Biopathy”), you may wish to watch this Brief Introduction to Wilhelm Reich and the Orgone Energy which provides authentic information on subjects which frequently have been grossly misrepresented (incl. on Wikipedia when I last checked).

Additionally, you may wish to read the “Concise History of Wilhelm Reich’s Discoveries and the Developing Science of Orgonomy” (, also by eminent scholar and researcher James DeMeo, Ph.D., and visit which among other pertinent information contains a detailed Reich biography including Reich’s path in his cancer research and the invention of a special device he called the orgone accumulator (ORAC).

Dr Reich had developed the ORAC, together with other radically novel devices, based on his discovery of what he termed “orgone energy”, an energy he postulated to form the basis of all life phenomena.

As you will also learn, Dr. Reich (as many other original-thinking researchers who came up with theories or treatments which threatened the status quo [and thus the livelihood of its proponents]), was subject to serious persecution the larger part of his life.

In fact (typically a sight only seen in very repressive regimes such as communist or medieval feudal states etc.), on August 23, 1956, the FDA supervised the autodafé (burning) of several tons of Reich’s publications in New York City, amounting to some 25,000 copies of his books, magazines and other writings going up in flames.

Wilhelm Reich himself was forced to spend his 60th birthday in the Federal Penitentiary in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania where he died some months later (we are told of heart failure) on November 3, 1957.

The article “Orgone Accumulator Therapy of the Very Ill”, (DOWNLOAD HERE) originally published in German (1987) and then republished in English by Dr James DeMeo, USA, in his magazine “Pulse of the Planet” in 1991, reports on the impressive and thought-provoking results German physician Dr Heiko Lassek achieved with 19 “terminal” cancer patients when using the orgone accumulator.

While Dr. Lassek’s first group of cancer patients all eventually died, the cause seems to have been something that could have been easily addressed using dietary and similar measures: overload of the excretory organs with waste material from cancer cell die-off (auto-intoxication). We know for instance that Dr. Max Gerson resolved this issue with coffee enemas etc. and that Dr. Johanna Budwig’s patients appear to have easily dealt with this issue on their own “steam”.

Please note that in Dr. Lassek’s later article (1994) “Orgone therapy (vegetotherapy): Experiences with the therapy according to Wilhelm Reich in the treatment of diseased people” which describes more experiences with cancer patients since 1988 with whom he had started to use both the ORAC and Reich’s energetic pulsation work (orgone therapy), all patients receiving a combination of these treatment modalities were alive at the time of his writing.

Dr. Lassek’s 1987 article featured in the following starts with a general introduction to the subject and later discusses his specific experiences with terminal cancer patients (starting at “III. Experience with the Biophysical Intensive Therapy”).

Note: Before rushing out to get an orgone accumulator for yourself or a loved one, make sure to also read Dr. Lassek’s “Epilogue, and a Note of Caution” which contains what could be important caveats regarding the use of the ORAC. (If you wish to acquaint yourself more thoroughly with the orgone accumulator, The Orgone Accumulator Handbook [available in several world languages] gives details on how to build and safely use such a device.)


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