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The sample report is a representation of the contents of a blood spot report and results.

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Nutrition Consultations with Val Blood Spot Hormone Test Kit (Singles)ZRT Lab processes your order completely from beginning to end.

  1. The test kit is sent directly to you along with instructions.
  2. You send completed kit and forms back to ZRT (all shipping is paid).
  3. ZRT will email your results directly to you alone.

The results are clear but should you need help interpreting your test you can schedule an appointment for a consultation. Please click below to contact Valerie Robitaille, MS, PhD(c), Holistic Nutritionist

Dried Blood Spot Testing
Dried blood spot is a form of collection where individuals place blood drops on a filter card after a finger prick with a lancet. This process offers distinct advantages over serum because it eliminates the need for a blood draw – saving you time and money. It’s also a convenient way to assess blood levels of sex steroid hormones.
Once dry, blood spot cards are extremely stable for shipment and storage, and the dried blood format offers excellent correlation with serum tests.
Why measure in blood spot?
Blood spot testing is the ideal method for measuring cardiometabolic markers, thyroid hormones, vitamin D and other analytes such as insulin, blood lipids, Vitamin D, and elements like lead and magnesium.

Not Suitable for people who are uncomfortable about collecting their own sample (samples may be collected in provider’s office).



To help you decide which hormone test you need, download our Symptoms Checklist:

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