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Homeo Travel Kit

20 Multi Dose Tubes (80 pellets per tube)
All Remedies are in 30C potency.
HomeoFamily for everyday needs and HomeoTravel for trouble-free trips are two convenient kits from Boiron, world leader in homeopathy.
The Boiron HomeoKits provide an excellent opportunity to learn more about the most recommended single medicines. For trouble-free trips with the HomeoTravel, and for daily life with the HomeoFamily, Boiron has created a suitable and handy selection of homeopathic medicines for the most acute health conditions, such as allergies, coughs, colds, flu, stress, arthritis pain, muscle pain, teething, etc.



Additional Information

Apis mellifica – Swelling from insect bites or allergies
Arnica montana – Trauma, bruises and muscle soreness
Arsenicum album – Traveler’s diarrhea
Belladonna – High fever of sudden onset
Bryonia alba – Muscle and joint pains
Cinchona officinalis – Diarrhea with gas and bloating
Cocculus Indicus – Motion Sickness with Dizziness and a Need to Lie Down
Drosera rotundifolia – Diarrhea with gas and bloating
Ferrum phosphoricum – Low or mild fever

Gelsemium sempervirens – Stage fright, apprehension
Hepar sulphuris calcareum – Painful and hoarse dry cough
Hypericum perforatum – Nerve pain
Ipecacuanha – Nausea and vomiting with hyperventilation
Kali bichromicum – Colds with thick nasal discharge
Magnesia phosphorica – Spasmodic pain in the abdomen
Mercurius solubilis – Sore throat with offensive breath and excessive salivation
Nux vomica – Heartburn or drowsiness due to excessive eating or drinking
Pulsatilla – Colds with thick, yellow, non-irritating nasal discharge
Rhus toxicodendron – Joint pain improved by motion
Spongia tosta – Croupy cough