The Impatiens personality is quick-thinking and wants to work at a fast pace. When supervising others, this personality feels the urge to just “do it themselves” rather than suffer the frustration of watching someone else work slowly or not up to their standards. When forced to work with others at a slower pace, the adaptation to a lower energy level takes a toll – creating a constant, energy-draining mental tension.
When in an extreme negative Impatiens state, the usual outward signs such as rapid speech and nervous gestures may be turned inward – causing skin rashes and other irritations.
The Bach remedy Impatiens encourages the positive potential to think and act in less haste. We all become overly irritable, impatient and nervous from time to time. Find ease in how you deal when life, people, and situations slow you down. A smart mother will keep this Bach Flower Essence on hand for those times when the children’s squabbles or temper tantrums have destroyed her patience.

Impatiens Flower Essence 20 ml

Homeopathic Formula
Have Patience*
Indication: For relief of naturally occurring simple nervous tension.

Active Ingredient: 5X dilution of Impatiens (Impatiens glandulifera)HPUS. Inactive Ingredient: 27% Alcohol.

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Mother nature has provided so many amazing healing plants for us that are not to be underestimated! Plants provide therapeutic healing on many levels – not just physically but emotionally and spiritually as well. ​

​Flowers bring a particular therapeutic healing.   When their healing vibration is extracted or infused, they become a flower essence or flower remedy.  This subtle energy medicine works to balance our emotions and restore wellbeing.  These flower remedies help ease distress and fight ill-health by enabling harmony and peace. They are a natural, simple, and effective way to bring emotional balance into your life.​

Looking after our emotional wellbeing is vital to our health. ​

Bach Flower Remedies are a system of plant-based, natural healing that works at a cellular level to help heal and move through emotional wounds, unlock emotional blocks and clear unwanted patterns. Using these gentle but powerful remedies brings balance and wellbeing and can be a catalyst for change at a deep emotional level. 

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