New Greens Organic

Dietary Supplement

• A Complete Superfood Drink
• 20+ Servings of Fruits and Vegetables Per Scoop

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iagen New Greens Organic


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Supplement Facts

Serving Size:2 Teaspoon Servings Per Container:30      
    Amount Per Serving  
Calories 35    
Total Carbohydrate 7 g    
Dietary Fiber, less than 1 g    
Total Sugars 2 g    
Protein 2 g    
Calcium 88 mg    
Iron 0.67 mg    
Sodium 15 mg    
Potassium 155 mg    
Raw Organic Garden Blend: 5028 mg    
Organic kale leaf      
organic sweet potato tuber      
organic broccoli whole plant      
organic spinach leaf      
organic brassica oleracea var. gemmifera (Organic brussels sprouts)      
organic parsley leaf      
organic collard greens      
organic carrot root powder      
Raw Organic Superberry and Fruit Blend: 1922 mg    
Organic lemon fruit, organic apple fruit, organic sour cherry fruit, organic raspberry fruit, organic blueberry fruit, organic blackberry fruit, organic pomegranate fruit powder      
organic apple fruit      
organic sour cherry fruit      
organic raspberry fruit      
organic blueberry fruit      
organic blackberry fruit      
organic pomegranate fruit powder      
Organic Fiber Blend: 1510 mg    
Organic flax seed      
organic oat bran (as Nutrim®)      
organic apple fruit      
Organic Sprouts: 990 mg    
Organic amaranth sprouting seed      
organic quinoa sprouting seed      
organic millet sprouting seed      
organic buckwheat sprouting seed      
organic chickpea bean sprout      
organic lentil bean sprout      
organic adzuki bean sprout      
organic flax sprouting seed      
organic sunflower sprouting seed      
organic pumpkin sprouting seed powder      
organic chia sprouting seed      
organic sesame sprouting seed      

Other ingredients:
Organic rice flour, organic flavors, organic maltodextrin (tapioca and rice), citric acid, silicon dioxide

Ingredients: Organic spearmint flavor, organic stevia leaf extract.

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