Propolicom Propolis 2 fl oz

Energique’s PropoliCom™ is indicated for viral infections, fevers, Epstein-Barr virus, Cytomegalovirus and herpes infections.

Ingredients: Propolis, organic astragalus (root), organic olive leaf (leaf), cleavers (aerial parts), organic elder berry (berry), organic osha (root), Pau D’Arco (bark), organic alfalfa (leaf), organic garlic (bulb) and distilled water.  25% ethanol.

Energique Liquefied Herbals are derived from the highest quality botanicals available from ethical, reliable sources throughout the world. The process used by Energique’s cGMP-compliant botanical processing facility yields a superior product. Their herbals are prepared using the spagyric extraction process: a gentle, complex, multiphase extraction process that renders a more complete extraction of the essence of the herbs than other processes. Moreover, they use organic and wild-crafted plants where possible, and all their raw materials are subject to stringent testing in their on-site laboratory and with their partner labs.

Energique 2 Propolicom Propolis 2 fl oz


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