Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser

Aura Cacia essential oil diffusers allow you to use essential oils to set the mood in your home, office, yoga studio or other environment. With simple, modern designs, an ultrasonic diffuser provides an aromatic ambiance for larger rooms. Simple to use and easy to maintain, this diffuser encourages regular use of essential oils.
Aromatherapy mist. Ultrasonic vibrations disperse essential oils in a cool-mist diffusion

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Additional Information

Features & Benefits:
• Ultrasonic cool-mist diffusion
• Coverage: 538 sq. ft. (50 sq. meters) — exceeds leading competitor diffusers by over 100 sq. ft. (9.3 sq. meters)
• Easy to use and clean
• Auto shut off, choose between 1 or 4 hour run times
• Soft LED candle light with on/off feature
• Runs quietly

Assembled dimensions:
5.3”W x 5.3”D x 4.6”H
Water capacity: 6 fl. oz (180 mL)

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