“A review of scientific literature published in Ethical Human Psychology and Psychiatry regarding the “astonishing rate” of mental illness over the past 50 years revealed that it’s not “mental  illness” causing the problem; rather, it’s the psychiatric drugs prescribed to treat it.”
“The irritability and impulsivity [from antidepressants] can make people suicidal or homicidal.” Joseph Glenmullen Harvard Medical School Psychiatrist
“The link between antidepressants and violence, including suicide and homicide, is well established.” Patrick D. Hahn Ailiate Professor of Biology, Loyola University Maryland
“Violence and other potentially criminal behavior caused by prescription drugs are medicine’s best kept secret.” 4 – Professor David Healy Leading Psychopharmacology Expert and Professor of Psychiatry in Wales

Download 64-page report that studied suicide and violent behaviors, A public interest report published by Citizens Commission on Human Rights International, A Mental Health Industry Watchdog: Psychiatric Drugs: Create Violence & Suicide, School Shootings & Other Acts of Senseless Violence

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