The idea that health concerns about 5G technology are a mere “conspiracy theory” is quite concerning. How can hundreds of doctors and scientists all around the world who are publishing in vivo and in vitro studies in peer-reviewed scientific journals about this topic be considered conspiracy theorists? How would these publications that have been raising concerns be able to get through the peer-reviewed process if they weren’t legit? Why does mainstream media continue to constantly ignore the concerns that are being brought up all over the world with regards to 5G technology? What is going on here? Do we really live in a democracy when the concerns of the people are constantly ignored and all of the evidence and research go unacknowledged? If 5G was completely safe, why wouldn’t our federal health regulatory agencies require safety testing? Shouldn’t all new technologies, especially wireless technologies, be required to at least go through some sort of safety testing before it’s rolled out? What’s really going on here? Why is this being allowed to happen?


How to protect yourself from 5G with Orgonite Scientists and doctors make it clear 5G dangerous to human health - 5G Summit


The Summit

These questions, along with the health concerns of 5G technology and what we can do about it, will be the topic of a global online summit that’s set to take place the first week of June. The summit will feature multiple doctors, scientists and activists in the field. It’s going to be very informational, very informative, and it’s going to be completely free.

If you want to reserve your spot, you can sign up HERE to watch it.

Once you sign up you’ll be taken to a link where you can download our free E-Book on 5G. It covers what 5G is and an abundance of peer-reviewed research is cited for anybody in your life or in your family who actually questions if there are really any legitimate concerns. It’s a great resource, and this E-Book is something you can send to anybody who is not taking this issue seriously.

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