Dr. Carrie Madej has personally examined multiple vials of the Moderna and J&J vaccines that are being forced into people’s arms, and was horrified by what she saw. She explains that at first, the material in the vials looked translucent but after 2 hours at room temperature, colors started appearing when looked at under a microscope. This was not a chemical reaction. She explains that superconducting materials can do this when white light is emitted onto them.

Wait, superconductors in the vaccine? Graphene oxide? An injectable operating system? The brands tested had graphene-like substances in them as well as hydrogel (glue-like substance that carries graphene nanoparticulates into the cell).

Also see: Bluetooth, Diodes and Transmitters in Covid mRNA Vaccines and What Is Graphene?

Dr. Madej notes that some of the particles were moving and appeared to be self-assembling toward the edge of the glass slides. One particular object (organism?) had tentacles and was able to lift itself up off of the glass slide. It appeared to be alive (self-aware, move, think).

Dr. Madej concludes the metallic components of the vaccine are meant for surveillance.



“Providing the energy for the mRNA to transport its payload and penetrate the nucleus of the cell are biosensors in the form of Hydrogel, comprised of graphene oxide, eventually connecting man to his cell phone, tablet, laptop and the internet of things.” Lee Austin


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