Spagyrics is the term used for the practice of plant alchemy in the laboratory, whereby the healing substances of the plant are separated, purified (changed) and recombined into a stronger medicine than the original plant (as an infusion or decoction). Spagyrists attain this effect through several phases but basically the terms used are 1) separation, 2) purification and 3) cohobation (recombined product).

Rudolf Steiner notes that human existence displays an element that is distinct from animals – the ego – and points to the lack of a true biography/autobiography in animal existence as an indication that the ego is particular to humans. According to Steiner the ether and nervous/metabolic systems are intimately connected:

Ether in nervous and metabolic systems

Ether in nervous and metabolic systems

                         A: The ether becomes similar to that of the nerve-sense system.                                                                      

B: The ether becomes similar to that of the metabolic system

4 worlds1 Introduction to Spagyrics

the quintessence



“One can penetrate the ether through the plant.”  RUDOLF STEINER



Paracelsus tells us that hu-man is the quintessence, or most central, perfect, quality or constituent of the cosmos. Spagyrics tells us the ‘quintessence’ is the most central, perfect, quality or constituent of the plant. We will learn more about this and ‘the elements’ as we go along.

The ancient alchemists ascribed importance to the study and acknowledgement of invisible forces, one of these being the relationship between the ether and the Quintessence of the plants. As you begin the work, the work begins to unfold to you, as if some wonderful mystical thing were happening, and you will learn about ‘the quintessence,’ ‘the ether’ and ‘the ego.’

While knowledge sometimes feels magical, more importantly, everyone I’ve ever known who worked closely with plants and natural Earth medicines describes a type of spiritual or ethereal connection with the plant. This feeling is quite real and the ancient alchemists saw this tendency as a Divine hand. When cold science demanded everything be reduced to its minutest parts, many beautiful and helpful spiritual descriptions of connections became taboo. But the ‘magic’ is not gone….when in meditation the connection is remade through inner vision and intuition, we begin to understand associations, and we can use our alchemical knowledge for remedy and the relief of suffering. Health of the whole human is not only possible, it is in complete alignment with natural law (which we will delve into more as we go along in the process).

If you have been diligently researching alchemy for any length of time, and are starting to get overwhelmed with the information, I want to encourage you. This path, this service to humanity and our beautiful planet Earth, is a calling and comes from deep within your being. Stay with it and more will be revealed day by day.

And now, if you are ready to enter the lab and begin the alchemical process, please click the link:


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