Recalibrate Winter Weight – Coming January 11, 2017

Holistic Health Online’s Comprehensive Weight Loss and Nutrition Program (WLNP) is for individuals who are weary of quick-fix diets and want to know more about the body’s innate ability to lose weight. When aware of how to regulate blood sugar and insulin levels (easy), cravings and hopelessness fall away.


Balanced blood sugar and insulin levels contribute tremendously to weight-loss and provide the solution to going on and off diets, the path to liberation from the awful cravings that spin out of control and contribute to weight problems, which become life problems. It is no longer necessary to spend so much energy and time fighting to keep the weight off.

Just a few simple steps, some basic nutrition knowledge and group support, and freedom from the power of food is possible.

This program has been taught hospital settings and in private practice with individuals for over 10 years, and is now available to an online audience.

To recalibrate winter weight, more information or to register: CONTACT

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