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Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis


  • Detects heavy metal poisoning in the body

  • Better than blood test to determine chronic toxicity

  • Over thirty disease trends identified


I’m Val

I discovered I was copper toxic shortly while studying for my Master’s degree in Human Nutrition. It was a simple fix and the change in my health was profound.

Everyone harbors toxins, it can’t be avoided. And I would venture to say from what I’ve studied and seen, everyone has a degree of heavy metal toxicity. This is why I chose heavy metal detox as my number one foundational health habit.

Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis is an approved method for detecting minerals/metals in the body, some of which are heavy minerals meaning, heavier than non-harmful circulating minerals. We call these heavy metals.  





A Biopsy of Metabolic Activity

Determining hair minerals is like time lapse photography. Hair is a storage tissue and gives information for the previous 3-4 months.

Blood is like a snapshot, it does not store toxins but instead unloads them quickly into storage areas to keep them away from the heart and brain.

Think of hair as a biopsy of the body’s tissues which contains the minerals incorporated during its development. As it grows, hair tells your story.


Easy as 1,2,3

How HTMA Works


A one and a half inch sample of hair cut close to the scalp provides information about the mineral/metal activity that took place over the past three to four months.


A hair kit and symptom sheet are sent to you. After preparing your hair sample you send it directly to the laboratory  using the envelope provided.


The lab returns the results to me and I email your copy to you. The entire process takes approximately 3 weeks depending on postal zones and times.

Hair Analysis 

gives information

about the following:

Metabolic rate
Stress levels
Immune system
Adrenal and thyroid glandular activity
Carbohydrate tolerance
Getting enough protein?
Energy levels
Tendency toward illness 
Mental and emotional conditions

Adrenals fatigued?

A sign that your adrenals aren’t functioning properly is low energy. HTMA detects stages of Adrenal Insufficiency.

     Mineral Relationships


How It’s Done


When you order HTMA you are sent a kit with instructions and a scale to help you prepare a sample (which is obtained by cutting the first inch and one-half of growth closest to the scalp at the nape of the neck).

The test measures the mineral content of the sample  

The sampled hair is prepared in a licensed clinical laboratory through a series of chemical and high temperature digestive procedures. 

Testing is then performed using highly sophisticated detection equipment and methods.



It can’t be avoided, toxic heavy metals are everywhere in the environment, food and water supply. Priming your detox organs is key!

Watch Heavy Metal Detox Webinar Intensive below to see 5 detox organs and how they work.


Hair requires no special handling and advancements in technology have made HTMA cost-effective, accurate and reliable.


If you are metal toxic you can actively detox at a pace that is best for your life. You have choices. And once you know if your symptoms are due to heavy metals, detoxing them out of your body is positively life-changing!

Services & Products

What I Offer


Nutrition Consultation

I use an 8-page comprehensive Holistic Assessment Questionnaire to assess your health. Completing this step gives us both a clear starting point.

Hair Analysis

Because hair is one of the storage tissues for heavy metals in the body, and it grows, we can detect toxicity and changes in levels (retests). 

Heavy Metal Detox

Consists of priming the detox organs, mobilizing and eliminating toxins, limiting exposure and preventing reintoxication.

Sugar Watchers

Weight Loss Nutrition Course – Provides you with a basic understanding of the insulin response, and how it keeps most individuals weighing more than they want to.


We have to find ways to fight the invisible threat of high-frequency radiation coming from our modern technology. Orgone Energy and Orgonite has been shown to neutralize electromagnetic frequencies. 

Other Programs

ADHD, Arthritis, Bone Health, Chronic Fatigue, Depression, Gluten Sensitivity, High Blood Pressure/Sugar, GI Health, Immune System Health, Pregnancy and many more.

Begin your journey to recovery today!


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