CoEnzyme Q10

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CoEnzyme Q10

CoQ10 is a substance that helps convert food into energy, and has a wide range of benefits including: immune function, can help lower blood pressure, increases energy, is excellent for use in periodontal disease, and may have benefits for neurological disease and cancer.

CoQ10 is an important energy nutrient because it works in the last cycle of energy manufacture in the body known as the energy transfer cycle. So it’s important cells have energy, not just so we feel energetic but so they remain alive. If nerve or heart cells run out of energy, they die. CoQ10’s is not just important for overall energy but also for cell longevity.

CoQ10 can be made in the body, requiring all the B vitamins, particularly vitamin B6. Lower levels of B6 in the body lower the ability of the body to make CoQ10. In addition, we make less CoQ10 as we age.

CoQ10 shouldn’t be thought of as a magic weight loss nutrient. Rather, consider the fact that very often obesity creates a deficiency in CoQ10; sometimes obese people have only half the CoQ10 that normal healthy controls have. Energy supplements are always helpful in weight loss because they protect the cells and organs from free radical damage, and provide the body with energy.

Diabetics and those with high blood pressure also benefit from CoQ10 because it helps lower blood sugar control.

NOTE: CoQ10 is energizing. If you are supplementing it is not recommended to take CoQ10 at night before bed.

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