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What used to be called aromatic oils, when used therapeutically, essential oils can help boost immunity, balance hormones, increase energy, alleviate pain, promote sleep and more.

Essential oils are always a part of my day, whether diffusing them, spraying them, putting them in my bath, on my skin (diluted) or in carrier oil.

Pure Essential Oils are made using steam distillation, and it takes many pounds of plant material to make a small amount of oil.

Use for aromatherapy, housecleaning, body care, and as medicine. Use with care.



essential oil and burner Essential Oils & Diffusers
essential oil diffuser

Diffusing Essential Oils

I’ve not used artificial fragrance in my home (or on my skin) since my discovery of essential oils and diffusion many years ago. I’ve always had the experience, as many people have, of a memory being triggered by an aroma, perhaps more than any other sense.

Now I know that’s because aromas stimulate the limbic system of the brain where our emotions reside. This is why people report improvements in energy, focus and mood when using  aromatherapy.

The diffuser distributes the oils into the air, ionizing it and making the entire environment smell nice and seem somehow brighter. When essential oils are breathed in or enter the body through the skin, many therapeutic emotional and physical benefits can be enjoyed.

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