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Nutrition Consultations with Val Blood Spot ProfilesZRT Lab processes your order completely from beginning to end.

  1. The test kit is sent directly to you along with instructions.
  2. You send completed kit and forms back to ZRT (all shipping is paid).
  3. ZRT will email your results directly to you alone.

The results are clear but should you need help interpreting your test you can schedule an appointment for a consultation. Please click below to contact Valerie Robitaille, MS, PhD(c), Holistic Nutritionist

ZRT’s convenient blood spot collection eliminates blood draw needles, blood draw fees and the need to see a phlebotomist. Now you can collect your sample at home at the time that suits you. Research also shows that blood spot is more accurate than serum for measuring blood hormone levels in people supplementing topically.



To help you decide which hormone test you need, download our Symptoms Checklist:

Button Download PDF green Blood Spot Profiles

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