Heavy Metal Detox For Men

cropped Val removebg preview Heavy Metal Detox For WomenDear Detox Friend,

Thank you for looking at the Heavy Metal Detox For Men!  I have chosen the health products in this bundle to give you a very basic beginning for your detox journey. It is a journey and it takes time but you’ll be off to a great start with this protocol. (See Additional Information below).

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30-Day Detox



120/80 Care 60 cap
Burdock/Red Root Compound 2 oz
Equisetum/horsetail 2 oz
Milk Thistle Nanoemulsified 1.7 oz
Nature’s Shield Blend 1 fl oz
ProOmega® 3.6.9 120 softgels
Psyllium Husk 8 oz
Taraxacum root/dandelion root 2 oz
Aura Cacia Room Diffuser
Usnea/Uva Ursi Supreme 2 oz
Men Over 40 One Daily Iron Free 60 tabs

Heavy Metal Detox For Men Guide

By Valerie Robitaille, PhD. 77 pages. (Supplement protocol begins on page 74)  Includes simple explanations/diagrams for the following:

– Detox supplements protocol/schedule
– Basic food designations (carbohydrates, fats, proteins, fiber and processed food)
– Hormones and glands
– Digestive health
– Liver health
– Optimal food portions and shopping list
– Why take supplements, and what supplements to take
– 50 recipes and 50 meal plan examples
– Charts

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Additional Information


120/80 Care 60 cap (Redd Remedies)

Promotes cardiovascular health by:
• Promoting healthy muscle function within the cardiovascular system
• Supporting a healthy stress response
• Supporting healthy blood flow
• Maintaining healthy blood pressure (already within normal range)
Provides extra potassium and magnesium, and contains hawthorne berry – a well known cardio-protective botanical medicine.

Burdock/Red Root Compound 2 oz (Herbalist & Alchemist) – Contains medicinal herbs specifically designed for our detox (assists in cleansing blood, lymph and skin)

Equisetum/horsetail 2 oz – High silica content is good for bones, tendons and cartilage; cardio-vascular protective; affinity for aluminum in the body.
Make sure to drink plenty of water when supplementing with silica products, and don’t skip your multi!

Milk Thistle Extract 2 oz (Herbalist & Alchemist) – Milk Thistle is a potent liver/detox herb that assists an overburdened liver by increasing glutathione levels. Also, helps damaged liver cells heal

ProOmega® 3.6.9 120 softgels (Nordic Naturals) – Reduces inflammation, aids in muscle recovery and vital for healthy cell membranes

Whole Psyllium Husk 24 oz (Dr. Mercola) – Provides 7 gms fiber per serving to help absorb and eliminate toxins from the gut

Taraxacum root/dandelion root 2 oz (Wise Woman Herbals) – Promotes digestion (a bitter) and clears the digestive tract of toxins.

Usnea/Uva Ursi Supreme 2 oz (Gaia Herbs) – Synergistic formula that promotes excretion (kidney and urinary tract), helping to maintain a healthy microbial balance in the urinary system.

Men’s One Daily 60 tabs (Innate Response Formulas) – Whole Food Supplement. Does not contain iron.

Nature’s Shield Blend 1 fl oz (NOW Brand Essential Oil) – A contemporary version of the famed Four Thieves Vinegar, used in various forms for centuries against harmful, environmental (airborne) microorganisms

AC Room Diffuser (Aura Cacia)

Immune Boosters / Virus Immunity

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