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Initially, under acute stress, it’s common for people to feel anxious or hypervigilant, and have difficulty sleeping, due to high cortisol levels. If high stress continues over time, high cortisol gradually gets lower and lower, and eventually people become tired and “burned out.”

CDB Inhibitors Protocols

CDB Inhibitors

While these microorganisms can create serious health problems, these 3 supplements have been shown in laboratory experiments to inhibit their growth.

Dioxin Protocols


After the environmental disaster in Ohio on Feb. 3, 2023, it is likely much land, air and water is contaminated with dioxin, a very dangerous situation for all living things.

graphene oxide removal 4 Protocols


Graphene nanoparticles cause hypercoagulation (thick blood) which in turn causes blood clotting.
Heavy on antioxidants, the Graphene Oxide Detox (GOD) Protocol assists greatly in restoring your natural glutathione levels to keep toxins out and consequently, blood in balance.



Natural supplements that work on the heart, liver, intestines, kidneys and blood.
Recent research shows these ingredients block the spike protein from binding to ACE2 receptors.

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After many months of researching and watching the dangers of covid-19, whether people are infected with the virus, suffering the adverse reactions to a covid injection, or around vaccinated people transmitting the spike protein, I am confident this protocol is the best preventative supplemental regimen one can adopt (inspired by Dr. Vladimir Zelenko).

Lymph HerbalHomeopathic Protocol Health Guide Protocols


The Lymph Protocol was designed with foundational immune improvement in mind, and which also treats symptoms.
The constituents of herbal tinctures and homeopathic remedies are readily recognized by the cells and blood as healing agents.
These natural supplements assist lymphatic drainage pathways used during detox programs, and tones organs via increased purification of the blood.

Unda Respiratory Relief Protocols


UNDA Numbered Compounds are the only complex remedies of their type, formulated with both plants and minerals, acting on organotropic and energetic sensitivity levels respectively. 

Unda Respiratory Relief Protocols


The brightness of the full moon naturally creates a drop in melatonin production, which downregulates the immune system, setting the conditions for increased parasite activity. Serotonin levels increase at this time which also makes parasites more active. It is best to do a parasite cleanse when they are most active which is around the full moon. The Kit is designed to optimize the body’s natural detoxification processes and nourish your system before, during, and after a full moon.

Energy Protocol Protocols


The ingredients in the Energy Protocol provide important B vitamins and a large quantity of phytochemicals that help support the body’s response to stress. Contains several powerful adaptogens that balance hormones, and herbs that fight off fatigue.

Herbal Heavy Metal Protocols


Heavy metal toxicity has associations with Type 2 Diabetes, Irritable Bowel, Alzheimer’s Disease, developmental delays in children, brain fog and much more.
If you are like millions of others suffering from unexplained or misdiagnosed health issues, you may be heavy metal toxic.

The Warrior Cleanse 768x768 1 Protocols


By Diane Kazer This program is designed to get deep into the colonic walls to break through and detox waste so your body can absorb water and ‘the good stuff’ again. When you detox the bad stuff, you hydrate your body, absorb the good stuff, and your ENTIRE body comes back to life again!

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