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I am often asked by patients about their current nutrition and whether it is sufficient to reach their health goals, prevent nutrient deficiencies and especially, what they can do to optimize their immunity.

I am so excited to offer a new tool to truly customize and personalize your nutrition, helping you reach your goals and feel amazing. The Diet ID Assessment provides information about how to start to improve on your diet according to what you are eating now, vitamin/mineral deficiencies and excesses, sample meal plans and more! And it’s free! The (i) information icon on the sides are loaded with information when you click on one:

Results Optimize Your Immunity! FREE Diet Assessment for Vitamins, Minerals and Food

For the past year I have spent most of my time researching and posting about the SARS-COV-2 phenomenon, and serious warnings against the vaccines. I have featured many noteworthy and highly credible doctors, scientists and lawyers. Now, I would like to share with you how you can ensure your  immune system is strong enough to handle ANY foreign invader and if not, how to make it stronger; get healthy!

Please complete the ​FREE Diet ID assessment by going ​here: Diet ID FREE Assessment You will be asked what language you would like to use, and to sign up for an account where your assessment and goals will live. You can use any computer or device that’s connected to the internet.​​ This should take about 5 minutes to complete. Don’t overthink your responses, simply click on the images that look more like your diet today and answer the short questionnaire.

When you view your results, please be sure to click the “copy to clipboard” button and follow the instructions if you would like to share them with me at  If you have any questions about your results please feel free to write. ​can make recommendations via my online nutraceutical dispensary​ at Wellevate to address potential nutritional deficiencies. Wellevate offers the highest quality professional grade products, auto refill, easy ordering, and access to my protocols. If you are new to Wellevate you ​can sign up here: and enjoy a 15% discount on any of over 10,000 health products. 

I look forward to receiving your assessment and being able to help you truly customize your nutrition plan!

free diet assessment

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