NS episodes banner2 Arthritis starts in your gut (not your joints)


Once upon a time, we believed that arthritis was purely a result of aging and wear and tear on the joints. 

Well, that story is old news now. Breakthrough studies have revealed that 70% of our immune system resides in our gut.

This has led researchers to look into the power of the gut microbiome to help treat arthritis, joint pain, and other inflammatory diseases.

In fact, a case study published in Clinical Case Reports found that the transfer of a healthy microbiome to a woman with severe rheumatoid arthritis resulted in a “dramatic” drop in her symptoms, in as little as seven days…

But this groundbreaking science is far from reaching the general public.

That’s why nutritionist Sarah Otto and the team at Goodness Lover created a brand-new masterclass called The Natural Solution —to spread the word about the latest discoveries in this field, straight from 26 world-leading experts. 

They will show you how to overcome health challenges like arthritis and joint pain by using proven strategies to improve your gut health. 

You’ll also be introduced to safe, affordable remedies to soothe inflammation, trigger detoxification, stimulate the vagus nerve, grow your brain, and so much more.

This series is so comprehensive that I’m positive it will change many lives. I hope one of them will be yours.

Go here to discover the natural solutions for you (watch it for free while you can!)

Here’s to Going Natural!

Warmest regards,

P.S. When you sign up for the free masterclass, you’ll also be given three fantastic resourcesThe Best Natural Remedies for Inflammation, The Best Natural Remedies for Autoimmune Disease, and The Best Natural Remedies for Gut Health. These guides offer even more insights and practical tips you can do from home, starting today. RSVP here and get your supplementary guides now 


4 Arthritis starts in your gut (not your joints)
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