There are a great many people who are in the unfortunate position of having to live with painful aches and pains caused by severely damaged or inflamed joints.  For some people it is a discomfort, and that is bad enough, but for others arthritis can turn them into a virtual cripples.  Arthritis has been something that has affected people throughout history since prehistoric times, but it is only recently that we have begun to understand it.

Arthritis is a joint disease that can cause problems in any area of the body where two or more bones intersect.  The arthritis itself can affect the joint in a number of different ways, targeting different areas such as the synovium (thin layer of tissue), muscles, tendons or cartilage.  Cartilage is the soft protective material that protects the ends of the joints from rubbing against each other, and the entire joint is encased in a type of capsule that is lined with the tissue synovium.

Arthritis is a broad term which we use to describe a group of over 100 diseases that affect these areas of the body.  Wherever there is a problem involving inflammation around the joints and associated discomfort in movement, we refer to it as arthritis despite though multiple different causes can lead to this.  The other common name that is used in the same broad fashion is rheumatism.

If you are suffering I recommend 2 natural, safe and effective protocols. The first one is mine and I offer it free. You can sign up on the form below for an instant download. It includes lifestyle, dietary and supplement recommendations (and a supplement schedule), and sample meals (5 pages). The second protocol is from Shelley Manning who found an incredible, fast herbal cure while traveling in Asia that you can prepare for yourself. I wish you well!

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