As the Covid Era groans on, let us not skip over this thing that is happening: Embalmers all around the world are witnessing thick, rubbery, bloodless  fibrous clots from the veins and arteries of deceased persons. These clots (which aren’t blood but there are huge blood clots forming as well) came on the radar of morticians after the covid shots rolled out.

The discussion also includes other relevant information such as the W.H.O. Treaty set to be signed on May 24, and the EMF/5G activation of the graphene that is in peoples’ bodies, and how this is used as a tracking mechanism.

WARNING: This is a very graphic and disturbing clip from InfoWars. We have known about this medical aberration for well over a year. 

Watch Infowars Alex Jones and John O’Looney, UK embalmer, and listen to interview with Owen Shroyer and Richard Hirschman, US embalmer who clearly sees something wrong in the blood – an anomaly – which is now normal (audio below video).

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