I will be corroborating with other microscopists on this issue upon my return to Africa, which is soon. After my interview with Dr. David Nixon 2 weeks ago, it is clear that one picture is worth 1000 words and some people have to see it to believe it. As requested, I will join the investigative conversation and contribute images/findings to the Microscope Army. While my initial reasons for looking under the microscope in 2021 were to see the effects of the herbal medicine I make, when I saw what live blood analysts were discovering it became my passion to learn this technique. In fact, for me, it makes much more sense to look at blood and urine health indicators than so many of the contemporary diagnostic tools. Of course, I will keep you updated here as usual.

Showing the latest images of nanotech in urine, Dr. David Nixon and researcher Karl C. join Maria Zeee to discuss their nanotechnology findings: “The extremely censored truth is beginning to break through to pathologists and live blood analysts worldwide that every human being has been synthetically altered, and something needs to be done about it.”  (You can purchase sodium citrate HERE)

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