Glycyrrhiza / Licorice 4 oz

Licorice contains vitamin E, B-complex, pantothenic acid, lecithin, biotin, niacin, manganese and other trace elements such as glycyrrhizic acid.Licorice also contains chemicals called triterpenoids – a cancer-blocking substance. Licorice is useful in treating inflammatory stomach conditions by increasing the production of protective mucus in the stomach. Good to use for ulcers and adrenal insufficiencies. Also has the property of rejuvenating heart, spleen, liver and bloodstream, counteracting stress and treating depression.
Glycyrrhizin [antitumor/cancer] is a molecular compound extracted from licorice root that has been shown in recent research (June 2021) to block spike proteins from binding to ACE2 receptors.

Serving Size:
1 Dropper
Servings Per Container:148
Amount per serving: Proprietary blend 0.8 mL Licorice (root)

Other Ingredients: Vegetable glycerine, spring water, potassium sorbate solution and fennel essential oil.

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