Alzheimer’s disease is a terrifying brain dementia that tears families and loved ones apart. But what if the disease isn’t Alzheimer’s? What if the dementia is really a form of diabetes? And what if a proper organic whole food diet can make the difference? This explosive discovery was made by Dr. Suzanne de la Monte from Rhode Island Hospital.

Natural News reports, “[Dr. de la Monte discovered] “that diabetes is closely associated with several key neuronal factors implicated in dementia. . . Alzheimer’s progresses as a result of the brain developing resistance to insulin, which in turn prevents proper lipid (fat) metabolism. Over time, these lipids build up in the brain rather than properly absorb, which results in increased stress and inflammation, as well as the symptoms commonly associated with dementia.”

RhodeIslandHospital.org shares more insights on Dr. de la Monte’s work:

“Insulin in the body is not only produced in the pancreas, as commonly known, but in the brain. De la Monte found that in Alzheimer’s disease, the production of insulin and similar substances in the brain almost cease, creating what she calls ‘diabetes in the brain . . .’

Dr. de la Monte believes that processed, industrial food is a key factor. RhodeIslandHospital.org reports that “fast food and meat meat processing increased eightfold from 1970 to 2005. . . Grain consumption increased fivefold. Rates of Alzheimer’s, diabetes, and fatty liver disease increased dramatically in people ages 55 and over during this period. . .”

To access the full article, use source link below.

By D Samuelson

(Source:  medicine.news; July 15, 2016; http://tinyurl.com/hvrt3nh)

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