There’s no way the people who created these things did not know they were making a bioweapon.

Almost four years after the start of the pandemic. It is now an open secret that the Covid vaccines are in fact a bioweapon. Despite governments and media continuing the safe and effective narrative, almost daily new data comes forward proving that they are anything but.

Recently, a whistleblower in New Zealand released the government’s secret data showing the undeniable link between deaths and the jabs. To the extent that some batches have a death rate 20 times higher than the general population. Recent data from the UK government shows that the vaccinated now account for 96% of all deaths across all age groups.

There is hope, though. Effective treatments have been found for spike protein toxicity, and researchers around the world are working at reverse engineering the vaccines to understand their full effect upon the body and to find ever more effective treatments to at least reduce the damage.

Dr. Mark Trozzi has been fighting the war for truth since 2021, at the cost of his career and the probability of financial ruin at the hands of the Ontario College of Physicians and Surgeons. In this interview, Mark brings us an update on all the recent discoveries about the vaccines and what each discovery means in terms of effects upon the body, but also his optimism that effective treatments for those who are coerced and deceived into taking the vaccines will continue to be found.

Because the spike proteins are toxic to the body, because they cause chronic inflammation, which is eventually going to lead to organ damage, there’s no possible way that the people who created these things did not know they were making a bioweapon. Now we know there’s Sv40, the simian virus in it that’s used as a carrier.

The supposedly safe and effective vaccine was always a genetic injection. And the ingredients that are concerning are these pegylated nanoparticles that penetrate every tissue in the body. They were supposed to have in them that messenger RNA that causes everybody’s body to produce the spike protein, which is a toxin. And the more we learn about the specific spike protein, the more toxic we learn that it is.

In order for Pfizer and Moderna to manufacture their product they first had to submit it to governments using PCR replication technology. They literally made the messenger RNA and then encapsulated that in these pegylated nanoparticles and submitted that to the governments. So governments that may or may not have tested it, that’s what they tested. They would have found pegylated nanoparticles with messenger RNA for spike protein and there is no way this was a good idea in the first place.

The spike protein is a toxin in and of itself and marks the tissue as foreign; a person’s immune system attacks their own tissue. That’s what you find in the dead kids’ hearts, in the kidney failure people that died, in the placenta of the aborted babies.

The spike protein poisons the tissues, and the immune system attacks it.

The spike protein destroys and damages the immune system, and in the process, it screws up the immune system in ways that enhance coronavirus infections. In other words, makes people more vulnerable to serious disease from Covid and makes cancers go wild, makes all kinds of infections go wild. It’s the reason that a year after, we’ve got thousands of percentage increase in Sv40 RSV admissions and all these other infections, shingles, etc.

In 2021, 2022, we found a bunch of other contaminants in there – atoms that shouldn’t be there, chemicals that shouldn’t be there. But in 2023, starting with Kevin McKenna and now in at least 4 or 5 labs, they’ve looked at genetically sequencing the genetic material there and are finding a special sequence derived from the simian virus called the Sv40 promoter, which also has a lot of risks, including cancer.

So now there’s a whole bunch of genetic sequences.

The governments were handed a clean product of this stuff which had the ingredients in it, but to manufacture what they were going to push on every human being in the world,  they actually used a dirtier, cheaper process with some nefarious elements to it. So they handed in this second process to the government’s like Health Canada. And they said, “listen, we’re going to make the same product that you guys tested and approved. It’ll be the same product but we’re going to make it a different way.

If you get a bunch of DNA into mammal cells, that includes humans, and if this Sv40 promoter sequence is present, it will help transport that DNA into the nucleus of the cells and help stitch it into the chromosomes. This means that we’re at very serious risk that people have been permanently genetically modified.

We’re left trying to figure out their bioweapon after they launched it. Okay, wait a minute, they told us we were getting a safe and effective vaccine, but instead you gave us a genetic injection to invade every cell in the body which is also going to cause my body to attack itself and damage my immune system and cause variants of Covid to grow.

In addition, people are producing a bunch of other proteins that we can’t really even predict. We’re trying to analyze them on the budget of the good guys.

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