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I’m always so happy to meet people who are interested in health! Please see my areas of specialization and information about consultations. If you are vaccine injured, please state this in the subject.
Maybe you have come across some of my detox programs for getting rid of graphene oxide, heavy metals, parasites and other pathogens, and suspect a good, supervised detox is your next step. I am happy to help!
Or maybe you have seen my book “Sugar Watchers – Weight Loss Nutrition” and have considered the connection between blood sugar, cravings and weight gain, and want to learn how to control this cycle.
Are you possibly electrosensitive and need answers to your health problems that medical doctors seem not to know about?
Please leave me a message with your concerns or questions. I will respond and let you know if I can help.

Valerie Robitaille, PhD
Holistic Nutritionist/Herbalist
[email protected]

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