I rarely post on Facebook because they often give me trouble and it’s just too frustrating. But when I got the following message today I had to post somewhere (here):

But they are too late: The vitamin C news has already broken out.o?ih=zO W s 5nJ 6wp Wkrvj sfoq 6iNmVg vy4e4Kg3Mo P P Coronavirus Vitamin C Cure Censored by Facebook
“You can’t post or comment,” Facebook tells me, “because 3 of your previous posts didn’t follow our Community Standards.”So now, at least until they decide otherwise,  I cannot post at my own Facebook page.That means over 56,000 Facebook followers are deliberately and systematically being kept from my groundbreaking news reports from China, Korea, and elsewhere in our frightened world. I am in direct contact with doctors healing COVID patients with vitamin C. I report what they are doing and the lives they are saving. Facebook “fact-checkers” are calling me a liar, branding it “false information” and “fake news.” (See more from Orthomolecular News below)

What are we to think of the censoring of this important information when there’s decades of scientific documentation and application showing the efficacy of vitamin C? Who gets to determine what the public should see and know? Mark Zuckerberg (CEO Facebook)? Susan Wojcicki (CEO YouTube)?

Facebook may not want you to know what is curing this and other viruses but I do. On March 9, 2020 I posted Daughter claims her family was saved from Covid-19 by Vitamin C The video on this page has since been removed by YouTube but I kept the post up.

On March 14, 2020 I posted Early Large Dose Intravenous Vitamin C is the Treatment of Choice for 2019-nCov Pneumonia originally posted by Orthomolecular Medicine News on February 16, 2020.

For further reading

Coronavirus Patients in China to be Treated with High-Dose Vitamin C http://orthomolecular.org/resources/omns/v16n10.shtml As of the date of publication of thie Orthomolecular Medicine News service Release, Dr. Cheng is in Wuhan facilitating IVC treatment for hospitalized coronavirus patients.

Vitamin C and its Application to the Treatment of nCoV Coronavirus

Hospital-based Intravenous Vitamin C Treatment for Coronavirus and Related Illnesses

Nutritional Treatment of Coronavirus

Vitamin C Protects Against Coronavirus

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