Dr. Zandre Botha is interviewed by talk show host Stew Peters and shares shocking microscopic photos of pre and post injection blood from same patient. The blood after the shot clearly shows a very severe Rouleaux Effect, or clumping (clotting) along with other ‘weird’ structures unidentifiable by Dr. Botha and her colleagues. (As we reported recently, we believe the clotting is caused by graphene oxide.

Upon examination of 1 drop of a Janssen vaccine vial, Dr. Botha shows photos of some kind of self-assembling, round metallic-looking discs that connect to each other. Could these be the bluetooth, diode or transmitter technology that Biophysicist Guillermo Iturriaga describes here: https://www.holistichealthonline.info/bluetooth-diodes-transistors-in-covid-mrna-vaccines/

pre vax blood
post vax blood

Dr. Botha’s recommended treatments for vaccine injury are similar to other protocols with a few good additions:

Molecular hydrogen therapy
Ozone therapy
Food grade hydrogen peroxide
Important to support the heart with potassium
Selenium is also good at detoxification of cells
Chelation therapy

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