Month: January 2017

Will Big Pharma ever stop squeezing money out of people?

Big Pharma Profits The relationship you have with your doctor is founded on trust, but your doctor or hospital might have a stronger obligation to “big pharma” than to your health. The below infographic created by The Law Firm highlights the impact of big pharma on Americans. Big pharma refers to the most influential pharmaceutical […]

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Are we entering a post-antibiotic era?

A woman died last year because of an infection that was resistant to all 26 antibiotics available in the US, including colistin, a “drug of last resort.” NEVADA – In August last year, a 70-year-old arrived in a Reno hospital with swelling to her right hip. By September, the woman had succumbed to sepsis after […]

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North Dakota bill would expand raw milk sales

A bill introduced in the North Dakota House would expand raw milk sales in the state, taking an important step toward nullifying a federal prohibition scheme in effect. A coalition of nine representatives and two senators introduced House Bill 1433 (HB1433) on Jan. 16. The legislation would authorize the direct sale of raw milk and […]

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Dirty kids are healthy kids

Science is telling parents that keeping kids clean is not the best thing for them. Kids are fabulous, but they can be pretty gross, too. Not only does having a baby mean you’ll get up to your elbows in poopy diapers on a daily basis, but it also means having to remove countless nasty things […]

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Green cleaning tips in preparation for baby arrival

Cleaning up a home in preparation for the arrival of a child is sometimes nothing less than chaotic. The aisles of the grocery store are lined with cleaning products, both for the home in general, as well as in the baby section. It is no secret that now larger companies are offering a selection of […]

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