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FDA’s absurd logic on CBD

Hemp products have been used for hundreds of years, but FDA insists they are a new dietary ingredient. Huh? Action Alert! We’ve been monitoring the FDA’s treatment of CBD oil, a cheap, safe, and effective natural medicine for pain and other ailments. The agency has stated that CBD is not a supplement, and part of their justification is that it […]

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The vaccine industry’s biggest threat? Wild Oregano

You can see why oregano oil is a huge threat to the drug companies; imagine if we all started using this instead of their products, it would cause them to go out of business overnight.

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Toxic aluminum in vaccines

I hope that aluminum, an ingredient in many vaccines, keeps moving up on the chart of key issues in the vaccine wars. The mainstream medical forces believe they can ward off any critiques. They’re wrong. But the exposure of the truth has to keep escalating. At Robert Kennedy, Jr.’s site, the World Mercury Project, there is […]

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Glyphosate worse than we could imagine. “It’s everywhere”

The Agribusiness lobby fights ferociously to ignore or discredit evidence of human and other damage (various forms of cancer) and the herbicide glyphosate.

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Wireless Safety: Sources and Solutions (Chart)

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