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The Wellness Company – 10% discount and membership access to qualified medical healthcare outside of Big Pharma

“I’m not going to listen, or wait, for the government to tell me what to do!” Peter McCullough, MD, MPH, Chief Scientific Officer of The Wellness Company

Can you detox graphene oxide? PoolTalk with Val and HopeGirl

A casual discussion between Hope and Val about detoxing substances like graphene out of the body, digestion and natural healing, and much more!

Tennessee Senate Passes Bill Banning “Chemtrails”

A bill has passed the Tennessee state legislature which aims to target the controversial subject of chemtrails, or more specifically the concept of geoengineering.

Deuterium: A Revolution Unfolding in Biology and Medicine

Join over 80 of the world’s top health practitioners: 85 individual presentations, 32 panels, and your live questions for the last half hour of all of them.

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