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Short description: The herbs I used correspond with the different inner planets or bodies, and therefore the days of the week. Monday is moon day, Tuesday is Mars day, etc. And our organs and body systems correspond with the planetary bodies as well, for example, Jupiter rules the liver, the sun rules the skeleton, etc.

The process involves macerating the herbs in the alcohol for many weeks. The alcohol helps the extraction of certain substances. Then the herb body is filtered out and burned in the kiln to a white ash. This leaves the pure mineral salts of the plants (all impurities burned off). We pour that back into the extract and let them imbibe for another couple of weeks. Then filter and voila – you have a very powerful medicine that’s been separated, purified and recombined into something better, and you’re covering all planetary, body and even spirit influences. This is true holistic healing.

The inner, higher essence of our Selves is called the Quintessence in Alchemy, and the process the medicine goes through when being made in the lab results in a product that is the plant’s Quintessence.

Alchemy is concerned with the raising of vibrations, and just as a high-pitched tone will cause a crystal glass to suddenly shatter, Nature’s medicine lifts us out of the heavy matter states of illness, depression, low-energy, etc.

UPDATE: I opted for the shortcut to my first official batches of tinctures, i.e., separation, purification and cohobationm which consisted of maceration, calcination and filtration: I did no distillation or work with the ‘honey’ because of all that is transpiring around me now. I will need more time and concentration in the lab to do the additional actions on the herb and the extract.

The lab is now being packed up to ship overseas to help people in other countries since this country is so hostile to natural healing techniques, and we have already had more than a comfortable amount of threats from our free energy device, But in this update I will show my process to completion before distributing to my family:

1st calcination Plant Alchemy 2

1st calcination


Gently mix herb Plant Alchemy 2

Gently mix your herb during calcining

The first calcination was tricky when I started this project because I was not able to get the herb body hot enough. It was the dead of winter and unless I used many tanks of propane on the outside barbeque grid, and was able to summon the wind gods to hold off while I worked, it was just impossible. So I invested in a little kiln (weighs 12 lbs., $389 on etsy):



kiln 1 Plant Alchemy 2

Kiln 1


kiln 2 Plant Alchemy 2

Kiln 2


I experimented with different temperatures. For me, the best temps were the higher ones: 900, 1100, 1200 (I didn’t go above 1200). Each calcined herb (I had 16 different types of herbs) behaved differently, and I kept a close eye on the process making sure not to overdo or underdo. I finally reached an ash color that I was happy with though none of them came out pure white, light gray is ok too (see Plant Alchemy 1).

crucibles Plant Alchemy 2

Assorted crucible dishes

After the ashes cooled I poured them back into the menstruum I had extracted, let them sit another couple of weeks, then filtered out the ash.

2. DISSOLUTION: If calcination can be said to work on the mind and ego to destroy deceptions and impure thoughts, “dissolution works on the heart to release buried emotions that conceal or distort our true nature…” In the lab, to the ashes of our calcined product is added distilled water (or we can simply add the ashes back into the menstruum where all 3 essentials of the plant are reunited: body, soul, spirit). In the physical, dissolution opens up energy channels (nadis, meridians, etc.) so that every cell can be recharged.

What is happening in the soul during dissolution? When we recombine the calcined ashes with the menstruum, emotionally it can be said that what surfaced during calcination is now taken as far back to the womb as needed, back to where the inappropriate or inaccurate baggage that got tacked on can finally be released.

(I tried calcining the ash again as is recommended with the longer procedure but there wasn’t enough to keep track of. Next time I can use more herb and I will get more ash!)

herbs 2 Plant Alchemy 2

Filtered ash


filtration Plant Alchemy 2

Final filtration

My first two batches were for family members healing from serious conditions (forgive the scotch tape, this was an emergency):



medicine 1 Plant Alchemy 2

For Amber

medicine 2 Plant Alchemy 2

For Sue




Valchemy Botanicals Plant Alchemy 2

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